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God desires a close intimate relationship with His children… all His children. This desire is the basis of the Great Commission. God wants those who know Him and love Him to "go into all the world" to tell those who don’t know God that He desperately wants to have a relationship with them. BICA has found a very effective way to accomplish God’s command.

It is buried in the very words of Matthew 28.
Teach them? Yes… Baptize them? Yes…
but the first phrase after "go" is "make disciples"
What is a disciple?... a follower? Yes… but our definition of disciple is a follower who teaches others how to make disciples... disciples teaching other disciples how to teach other people to be disciples!

BICA has also found this process to be most effective when local believers teach other people in their community. A person from another nation or culture can be effective to some degree, but in Central America, the most effective teacher is another Hispanic, preferably someone from their country.

BICA currently has schools in Honduras and Guatemala. It is our dream to expand to other Central American countries. There is a sense of national pride that makes the spreading of the good news of Jesus even more effective.

BICA’s vision is to teach believers in every Central American country how to reach their fellow citizens. We will continue to pursue that dream by training local evangelists to teach their neighbors while also working to provide for themselves and their families.

Andrew and Philip brought their brothers to Jesus. We are instructed to bring “all nations” to Jesus. We feel the best way to accomplish that is to teach brothers how to bring their brothers.