Join us for a firsthand Great Commission experience


Are you looking for a mission opportunity for church, team, family or friends? Mission teams partnering with BICA are growing in number and enthusiasm. Currently, the opportunity exists to join with BICA students in Guatemala and Honduras to support local churches by evangelizing in the community, constructing of new or upgrading of existing church buildings, promoting and participating in campaign work, and encourage BICA students. We work with your group as a partner to find the right combination of ministry opportunities for your team. U.S. staff volunteers assist groups in the planning process and in arranging travel plans. Mission opportunities are available year round.

And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” Romans 10:15

BICA Missions! FAQ

Why Should You Go With BICA?

  • God calls us to spread the Gospel
  • Short-term missionaries can make a lasting difference
  • Teams help reach lost souls with the Good News
  • Participants grow in faith and return home with renewed energy to be disciples
  • BICA leadership staff members accompany, lead, and transport the group trip in its entirety
  • Americans are able to join native evangelists and local medical professionals
  • The mission strengthens church member relationships - cross culture for team members and supporters
  • The team connects others from outside the church to help with the cause… encouraging community involvement
  • The trip supports and encourages evangelists who are actively saving souls
  • Team members build relationships in Central America


What are the Team Requirements?

  • Suggested minimum age, high school junior (parental consent document required)
  • Application
  • Background check
  • Passport
  • Immunizations


How do you plan for the trip?

  • Our US staff volunteers help you through each step. We suggest you:
  • Pick a trip leader (coordinator) or two.
  • Announce the plans for the trip and prospective dates
  • Request response for those interested (get emails and text numbers for group communication)
  • Host a planning meeting
  • Set deadlines for application, deposit, and payment schedule
  • Set up an online donation site that is specific to the trip
  • Get your congregation involved (prayer, fund-raising, collecting items)
  • Send regular emails and texts with reminders and updates


Is the Lord Calling You?

This mission experience will forever impact the lives of those that go, those that are served, and those that help in prayer and support of the faithful servants.


Contact us for trip options: Available dates, locations, and package prices.